Calculating Closing Costs In The Boulder Area

Closing costs are the costs due at the “close” of the deal and will be itemized in your Settlement Statement that you will receive typically a few days before your closing. They include all the fees and costs linked with completing the sale or purchase of your home. Keep in mind that these costs are on top of the sales price of the home. Before you get to the closing table, it is helpful to understand what these costs are. Here are some tips that can help with Calculating Closing Costs In The Boulder Area.

My friend, DeAnna Neises, with Chicago Title, provided me with the following lists for both buyers and sellers (This list assumes the buyer is purchasing with a Conventional Loan—Cash, VA, and FHA will be a little different). It is important to sit down with your mortgage expert and have them explain the costs associated with the loan:


1. Mortgagee’s title policy and endorsements

2. Record warranty deed

3. Record trust deed

4. Tax certificate

5. State document fee ($.01 per $100.00 of sales price)

6. Loan closing fee

7. Real estate closing fee (this is typically split 50/50)

8. Realty tax service fee (if lender charges)

9. First year homeowner’s insurance premium

10. 2-3 months hazard insurance reserve

11. Tax reserve (1-2 months, depending on date of closing)

12. Loan origination and discount fee

13. Survey

14. Appraisal

Calculating Closing Costs In The Boulder Area

15. Credit report

16. Interest on new loan (depending on date of closing)

17. Mortgage insurance premium (MIP) (if applicable)

18. Water and sewer (as these are attached to the property)

19. Simultaneous second mortgage closing fee (if applicable)

20. Simultaneous second mortgage title policy (if applicable)

21. Record second deed of trust (if applicable)

22. Flood certifications

23. HOA dues adjustment and/or transfer fees (If applicable/per contract)


1. Loan payoff per existing lender’s payoff letter)

2. Owner’s title policy premium

3. Release tracing fee

4. Outstanding taxes (see tax certificate)

5. Real estate taxes (Jan. 1st to date of closing)

6. Water and sewer adjustments

7. Real estate closing fee (typically split 50/50 with the Buyer)

8. Commissions (these are typically split between the listing agent’s brokerage firm and the buyer’s agent’s brokerage firm)

9. HOA dues adjustments and/or transfer fees (if applicable, per contract)

10. Seller concessions

As with everything in Real Estate, everything is negotiable so this is just a list of typical closing costs.

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