During times like this, we begin to realize how important amenities close to your home are! Having local restaurants, hiking trails (pictured here is one of my favorite hikes at Chautauqua in Boulder), and stores that are nearby and easily accessible is a true asset. Looking for the perfect home in the Boulder Area? Location location location!! This is something you often hear when you are looking for a home! Having the perfect location could change the whole feel about the home and help you decide if it’s right for you!

How Close Are You To Your Favorite Amenities?

Most people, when deciding on their home, base it on their commute to work as well as the distance to their favorite shops, restaurants, and even family and friends! Knowing which of these factors are important to you and your family’s needs will help you decide which location is just right for you! Some people want to be in walking or biking distance to these amenities and others have a desire to be within a certain driving distance (this distance varies from person to person; some say a 5-minute drive is great and others think nothing of a 30-minute commute). Where do you fall in this range? Are schools or sporting events that you and the family like to attend together close by? Take your time to sit down and talk these through with each other! Consider making a list of amenities you would like immediate access to and prioritize them.

Some Of My Favorite Places To Enjoy The Outdoors In The Boulder Area

My Favorite amenities in South Boulder the Panorama Park

Boulder area residents tend to enjoy outdoor living to its fullest and access to trails, parks, and bike paths is very important.  A while back, I helped my clients sell this beautiful home that backed up to Davidson Mesa where you can bike, hike and even let your dogs off leash, as gorgeous as this luxury home was, the access to the open space as well as the beautiful and expansive outdoor living space were the main selling features! This area is in South Boulder, Panorama Park, near Louisville. It’s one of my favorite amenities in the South Boulder area, especially if you’re an active and outdoorsy person like me. Boulder has other great hiking spots like Eldorado Springs, Chautauqua Park, and up into the foothills on Canyon. I also love window shopping on Pearl Street. My husband, Eric, who loves road biking, has been enjoying the easy access from our home in Superior to the bike path that runs along the Denver Boulder Turnpike. He bikes almost every day!!

School District When Considering Nearby Amenities In Boulder

Do you have children that will attend the local school in the Boulder area? It is  very important to consider the distance when choosing what school is right for you and your children.  Take your time and even tour these schools, your Realtor can also help you find the information you need! Online reviews are also a great tool to use and I always recommend talking with the principal!

Development Of The Town

I remember purchasing my home in Superior about a year before Flatirons Mall opened up. What a convenience it is to live within a couple miles of a fantastic mall as well as a Costco! Recently, I spoke with a client who moved to the area so that his son could play ice hockey at the Sport Stable in Superior’s new downton. Is there enough dedicated open space, bike paths, and parks? You will find that Boulder, Superior, Louisville and Lafayette have made this a priority.

Convenience Of What’s Near You When Considering Nearby Amenities in Boulder

When you’re looking for your home, writing down amenities that are close by can help! Your favorite restaurant just 10 minutes away, or your favorite golf course in the backyard? Activities such as a hiking trail, access to a gym, or even your favorite shops should be on your list. Having these activities that mean a lot to you and your family being close and available to you is important! Want the kids to be able to walk to a nearby playground, or even to school? Talk with your Realtor about what is most important to you in regards to amenities when buying in the Boulder Area!  

How Can I Help?

Do you have any further questions on nearby amenities to consider when buying in Boulder? If so, please feel free to reach out and contact me! If you are planning on buying or selling a home in the near future and you think that my expertise and positive attitude might be of service to you don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! I love helping my clients find them the perfect home!

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