BuyingReal Estate July 18, 2022

Moving Checklist


Stay Organized

There are a lot of factors that come into play while moving out of state, so staying organized will be key. As simple as it sounds to ‘not forget,’ one of the most common mistakes while moving is forgetting. Using something tangible like an app on your phone or pocket calendar will allow you to create checklists and reminders for important dates and organize your budget for moving. Think of these as your personal moving assistant.


Cell phone apps

Most of us have our phones with us at all times. Using an app on your phone allows you to quickly jot down tasks that come to mind, check things off your moving supplies or ‘things to pack from the kitchen’ lists, remind you to get specific tasks done on certain dates, and helps you stick to your budget.



Can help you organize specific dates and hold you accountable for completing your task by a certain time. Google Calendar allows you to specify how far in advance you want to be reminded of an important date or a task you need to get done. This calendar is also accessible through your phone, and if you’re not alone in the moving process, you can easily share the calendar with people via email.

Color Coordinating can be helpful whether you’re using a digital calendar, sharpies, or paper. Color coordinating your calendar will help you clearly see your commitments. For example: using the color orange to label your most important tasks or dates like: hire movers on x date, finish packing on x date, etc.



Find Somewhere to Live

If you haven’t already found your home, reach out to me, and I will help you find a qualified buyer’s agent to help you in the purchase of your next home, whether it is out of town/state or even out of the country.


Transfer Utilities

Transfer utilities before moving into your new home will make your transition easier. Remember water, gas, power, internet, and cable (if you are still using that). Ensure all your subscriptions, billing companies, and so on have your updated mailing address.


Register for School Before You Move

If you have children, do some research on potential schools and select one. Once you have chosen a school, have the administration email or mail you registration forms. This is important, especially if you’re moving in the middle of the school year; you wouldn’t want your kids to miss a lot of school days.


Apply for a New License and License Plate

Once you move into your new home, apply for a new license and if you are out of state, make sure to get a new license plate ordered.



Check the Weather

The weather is a big factor while moving. If possible, schedule your move-in date when the weather is good. Driving a vehicle full of boxes can be especially dangerous in heavy rain or snow. Additionally, moving into a new home is physically strenuous already; you wouldn’t want to be moving around boxes in the heat or potentially getting your valuables wet in the rain.


Schedule Movers

Hiring professionally trained movers whether moving locally or out of state is important. If you are busy and don’t have time to pack everything, consider having your items professionally packed. A mover or an organizer can help with this. When scheduling, ask them when you can expect delivery. If you have more items than can fit in one truck, make sure to have them prioritize the most important items in the truck arriving first. Think about how you want to move your cars.



Packing takes a long time, especially when preparing to move out of state. Doing this early will prevent you from forgetting anything and feeling rushed when the move-out date comes along. Packing efficiently will not only help you move out with ease, but it will also help you move in a lot faster too. I recommend Sellers start packing items that aren’t essential before listing their homes. The rest should start after your home is past the inspection resolution deadline or after closing if you have a Post Occupancy Agreement set in place. If you have collectibles or other valuables that you’d like to store while showing your house, consider putting them in storage. Guardian Storage in Superior offers use of their truck to their customers.



Moving Artwork and other Specialty Items

Fine art, antiques, and other specialty items can require extra care in packing and shipping. Having them packed with care is a must!


Organize and Label All of Your Boxes

For example, your kitchen items’ labels can be KITCHEN: SPICES, KITCHEN: SILVERWARE, KITCHEN: POTS AND PANS, and so on.


Figure Out What to Pack

Moving out is a great opportunity to declutter. It will give you a chance to tidy up and overcome any hoarding habits. You don’t want to spend the extra time and costs packing up things you don’t need or care about.


Sell Things You Want to Get Rid Of

If having a yard sale is too much work, phone apps like Offer Up make it easy to sell used items. Selling items can also help contribute to other moving expenses.



Donating is also an option. is a great place to donate things like clothing, and Habitat for Humanity is a great place to donate large items like furniture or refrigerators. You can even donate your items to a local church or homeless shelter.



Hold on to Irreplaceable Items

These include important documents, jewelry, or even prescribed medications. It would be inconvenient if you lost your passport and unfortunate if you misplace a sentimental piece of jewelry. Also, if your travel time is far, you want your medications to be accessible.


Medical Professionals

These include family physicians, specialists, dentists, hospitals, and local pharmacies. Anything can happen at any moment. You will want to be able to locate where your nearest medical professionals are. If you want to transfer records, it might be wise to sign a release before you move. When you find your favorite pharmacy, have them reach out and transfer all your prescriptions.



Update Mailing Address

Don’t forget to update your mailing address for the following items:

  • Credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Voting registration
  • Driver’s license
  • WiFi
  • Cable
  • Pet registration
  • Gym membership
  • Mail forwarding
  • Friends and Family—let them know you’ve moved!


Now that you have a strategic moving checklist for moving out of state and know what steps to take first, you are now ready for your big move! For more information on local contractors, check out my website Elisabeths-Favorite-Companies.