Buying Moving Checklist   Stay Organized There are a lot of factors that come into play while moving out of state, so staying organized will be key. As simple as it sounds to ‘not forget,’ one of the most common mistakes while moving is forgetting. Using something tangible like an app on your phone or pocket calendar will […]
Buying Transaction Broker Vs. Buyer’s or Listing Agency   When you buy or sell a home in the Boulder area, there are different ways to engage with real estate professionals.  The state of Colorado has a great document, Definitions of Working Relationships, that explains the difference between Seller’s Agents, Buyer’s Agents, Transaction Brokers, and Customers. In this blog, I will share these definitions […]
Home Security Security Devices in Boulder Area Homes We live in a tech world and home security and home monitoring are great things to have in your Boulder Area home. You can control your sprinkler system, open and close your garage door and even adjust your window shades all from your phone! Ring doorbells will video your front door area when motion is […]
Buying Preparing To Make An Offer In The Boulder Area   With inventory so low right now, buyers are finding it difficult to find homes. The competition is especially high for homes listed at or under $800,000. A home can be listed on a Thursday, start 15-minute showings on Friday, and be under contract by Monday with well over a hundred showings, multiple offers above […]
Buying What Is Included When Buying A Home In Boulder? Looking for your Home Sweet Home? If you are on the hunt for your dream home in the Boulder Area, there are many variables to think about. One thing to understand is what is included when you purchase your dream home. For example, will the refrigerator stay with the house or the curtains in the […]
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency and Your Boulder Area Home   More and more people are keeping energy efficiency in mind when it comes to their homes in the Boulder area. The goal of an energy-efficient home is to reduce and conserve energy use. While some people consider this option because they are concerned for the environment, it’s also a cost-efficiency and health benefit. As […]
Selling FSBO vs Hiring a Realtor To Sell Your Home   An FSBO, or For Sale by Owner, is a home that is being sold by the owner without the assistance of a listing agent. Thinking about skipping the services of a Realtor and saving the cost of that service when selling your home? Some sellers don’t want to hire a professional Realtor because the […]
Appraisals What To Do if Your Appraisal is Low?   In the current market, homes have been selling for well over list price and often will not appraise for the price that buyers have offered. What does this mean for a buyer and are there ways to protect yourself in this situation? The answer is yes!   The Appraisal Gap Clause   In this […]
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